Breakfast and the Breakfast Room

Not that we want to sound like your parents, but it IS the most important meal of the day, especially when we make it...
For starters, you'll be eating in an airy, light and open room with windows overlooking Porthminster beach. We can't quote research to prove that a beautiful room aids digestion, but it can't harm, can it? As for the meal, you only have to look at our Cornish Suppliers section to see how serious we are about where our food comes from. You can't make great breakfast with so-so ingredients, so we don't even try. Instead, we take great pains to source as much as possible from local suppliers whose passion for food matches ours. We recognize that the ingredients for your breakfast can’t all be grown in Cornwall and we go to great efforts to ensure that we take the same passionate care in sourcing everything from our Coffee to our bread mix and our tea to our organic breakfast cereals.

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