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REN Skincare products are the UK’s leading natural skincare company. They create natural and effective products by using their five guiding principles: the right ingredients, the right science, the right experience, the right environmental know-how and, most importantly, the right attitude.

Take their view on the right experience, their pleasure principle: “It matters because it can change your world. You wake up, use REN and the world is just a 5% nicer place to be. So you eat a healthier breakfast, choose clothes that are 5% nicer, you walk 5% taller and smile 5% more, as a consequence people notice you 5% more and are 5% nicer to you ... it can be a magically virtuous circle.”
We’re very proud of both our association with REN Skincare and of their support for us in creating THE REN ROOM. We’re a small hotel at the tip of Cornwall, working with a company which supplies only the most exclusive department stores and renowned spas. REN’s products are used and raved about by a seemingly endless and growing list of devoted fans and glossy magazines, from Elle to Harper’s Bazaar to Saga Magazine.

We and REN make a great team: they care who uses and offers their products and so we’ve developed a mutual affinity. They understand our ethos, our care for our clients and guests and, like us, they don’t pretend that how they do business has nothing to do with the wider world.

Using their guiding principles, they have developed some of the ultimate treatments for your indulgence.

REN guerande salt and rose body glow

1½ hours / £70

A totally de-stressing and extra indulgent experience that leaves your skin gorgeously soft, glowing and smelling of roses! Mineral-rich guerande sea salts buff away dead, dull skin whilst sweet almond and olive oils keep your skin soft and nourished. A deeply relaxing top to toe massage follows, together with some carefully chosen tsubo point pressure, using Moroccan rose otto ultra nourishing body oil to heal, soothe and reduce tension held in the body. Finally, uplifting damask rose ramnose biosaccharide body cream is applied all over, leaving your skin silky smooth, revitalised and with a total feeling of wellbeing.

REN exfoliating body treatment

45 minutes / £40

This treatment will have you feeling energised and toned. Your skin is thoroughly exfoliated using a body scrub to enhance cell renewal and replenish skin, then dry body brushing further stimulates skin and lymph to help remove toxins. Finally, a body cream of your choice is smoothed all over your body. You may choose a layer of zesty grapeseed, jojoba and shea butter body cream or luxurious aroma-therapeutic damask rose ramnose biosaccharide body cream. Or if you prefer, super nourishing wild yam omega 7 firming body repair.

REN leg and foot revivo-tonic treatment

30 minutes / £29

A reviving treatment for legs, ankles and feet. Perfect as a pre- or post-party treat. After a luxurious Moroccan rose bath soak and de-stressing scalp massage, feet and legs are smoothed and buffed with a scrub, before a draining and detoxifying massage is performed, helping to energise and tone the skin as well as reduce the appearance of orange peel and cellulite on thighs and buttocks. Fantastic for swollen and painful legs. Enjoy as a stand-alone or as an extension to a pedicure or facial treatment.

REN rose de-stress arm and hand treatment

30 minutes / £29

Give your hard-working hands and arms a well deserved treat. After a skin-smoothing Moroccan rose bath soak and deeply relaxing scalp massage, tension held in palms, wrists and arms is pummelled away with guerande salts, then the damask rose ramnose biosaccharide body cream. Skin is smooth, nourished and glowing and you emerge with a renewed sense of wellbeing. Enjoy as a stand-alone or as an extension to a manicure or facial treatment.

REN five-phase facial treatments

REN five-phase bespoke facial treatment

1 or 1½ hour(s) / £48 or £60

A truly pampering experience tailored to your needs. Whether your skin needs rebalancing, re-nourishing or decongesting, this treatment will encourage healthy skin metabolism and self-repair, leaving your complexion clean, recharged and radiant. All the while REN’s trademark facial massage and steaming rose fragranced hot towels will ensure a luxuriously de-stressing experience throughout.

REN radiance lift cell renewal facial treatment

1¼ hours / £60

Using potent age-control ingredients and manual face-lifting techniques, this treatment will help revitalise and renew your skin. The oval of the face becomes better defined and firmer, leaving the skin toned, firm and radiant. Lines are visibly reduced, and your skin glows. The effects on your skin are instant. Follow a programme specifically designed for your skin and it will show amazing long term results too.

REN problem skin facial treatment – oily/combination

1 hour / £48

A fruit acid based treatment incredibly effective in rejuvenating and purifying problem skin, helping to diminish blackheads, breakouts and existing scarring. Pores are refined and tightened, excess sebum is controlled and skin is left feeling refreshed and energised.

REN multitask facial treatment for men

1 hour / £48

Deep cleansing and decongesting, this facial is detoxifying for a softer, brighter and more even complexion. It re-hydrates and protects against environmental damage and the effects of razor burn, and helps remove dark and puffy eyes.

REN express treatments

REN clean express facial treatment

45 minutes / £39

This can be used as a follow-up from a REN five-phase facial treatment, helping reduce fine lines of expression and boosting tissue hydration. Also ideal as a lunchtime booster treatment, the skin is left energised, firmer and replenished. A fantastic way to keep your skin in tip-top condition in minimal time.

REN revitalising bio active eye care treatment

30 minutes / £29

A treatment that restores the sparkle in your eyes and helps banish the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Wrinkles are filled, the formation of new collagen is enhanced and the whole eye area is lifted.

REN instant lift facial treatment

30 minutes / £33

At the heart of this incredibly effective instant lifting treatment is the remarkable REN glycolactic cell renewal peel mask, a potent bio-active peel mask designed to renew your complexion, reduce fine lines and dramatically improve skin tone, firmness and radiance. The treatment continues with REN phyto-dynamic instant lifting gel and revivo-lift radiant day serum to leave your skin instantly lifted and glowing. It’s the perfect pre-party facial!

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