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We use the Zoya range of nail polishes which were created to focus on colour, safety and durability. There are the only company to have removed many of the toxic ingredients so often found in nail polish, producing a more advanced and natural product that are the longest-wearing and healthiest lacquers available.


File and paint

15 minutes / £14

File and French polish

20 minutes / £16


30 minutes / £25

A manicure including nail reshape, cuticle tidy, hands massage and to finish the nails are lacquered with a colour of your choice using Zoya.

Manicure with French polish

45 minutes / £30

Manicure as above but with French polish

Luxury REN manicure

1 hour / £48

A luxurious manicure combined with our REN rose de-stress arm and hand treatment. After a skin smoothing Moroccan rose bath soak, an exfoliation using guerande salts is applied to the hands and arms to aid the removal of dry skin. A rose ramnose body cream is used to give a deep stimulating hand and arm massage leaving the skin smooth and nourished. The nails are reshaped and the cuticles are tidied and massaged. Followed by a polish of your choice.


40 minutes / £29

A pedicure including nail reshape, cuticle tidy, foot massage and a polish of your choice.

French pedicure

45 minutes / £32

Pedicure as above, but with French polish.

Luxury REN pedicure

1 hour / £48

A luxurious pedicure, combined with our REN leg and foot revivo-tonic treatment. After a Moroccan rose bath soak, feet and legs are smoothed and buffed with the REN scrub before a draining and stimulating massage is performed, helping to energise and tone the skin. The nails and cuticles are then tidied up and polished with a colour of your choice.

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