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Most of our classic body treatments use products from Pure Nuff Stuff, made a few miles away in Penzance. Helen and Emily are a pair of quite extraordinary, down-to-earth friends who created Pure Nuff Stuff out of commitment and buckets full of passion. They’ve conjured up some of the most natural skincare products around, as well as a desire to really know what goes on their skin.

All the ingredients come from natural sources, which means vegetable, mineral or plant, not petrochemicals. They lovingly hand make every Pure Nuff Stuff product in small batches, ensuring that it’s all lovely and fresh. We’re thrilled to be the first to work with Helen and Emily in creating some exclusive bespoke products, including the volcanic mud for our wraps and detox treatments and essential oils for our aromatherapy massages.

Aromatherapy Massage

1 hour / £48

A full body massage includes the face and scalp. You can individually choose your own essential oils. Each oil will bring its own unique benefits to suit your needs, helping to create relaxation and to ease away any muscle tension. Gives your body and mind a genuine sense of wellbeing.

Swedish massage

1 hour / £45

The traditional full body massage will help to break down toxins and to relax those stiff and tired muscles. Our therapist can adapt the degree of pressure to suit you, leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated.

Back, neck and shoulder massage

30mins / £25

A classic, proven quick treatment to help relieve tension and aches. A great fix for those on the go.

Indian head

30mins / £25

An ancient Indian therapy focusing treatment principally on the head but also the neck and shoulders. Great for relieving stress and tension.


45mins / £40

An holistic treatment using pressure points on your feet, this helps our therapists to locate blockages and imbalances, which then can be corrected. A wonderful and relaxing treatment to help boost the flow of the body’s natural healing energies. For best results to be done on a regular basis.

Hot stones


This unique therapy is more of a powerful massage. The heat from the stones penetrates to the deepest layers of tissue, this results in a gentle but effective drainage of the lymphatic system and means your muscles relax much more quickly than from a regular massage. The stones are not just placed on various points, but are used by our therapist as a massage tool to improve the circulation as well as your skin tone. This is an ancient treatment dating back more than 2,000 years, and used by the Romans and Native Americans.

Choose from:

  • 30mins back neck &shoulder massage £30
  • 55mins body only £50
  • 85mins body, face, neck & scalp area £70

Detoxifying seaweed wrap

1 hour / £58

Includes body brushing to promote lymphatic drainage and improved circulation. Sea salts are mixed with our own exclusive aromatherapy oils and applied to remove dead skin cells. You are then wrapped in de-toxifing seaweed which will reduce the appearance of cellulite, fluid retention and to flush out toxins. Includes a head massage for total relaxation.

Volcanic Mud wrap

1 hour / £55

Your body will be gently body brushed and exfoliated in preparation. You are then wrapped in mud, which is made out of volcanic ash and is exclusive to us from Pure Nuff Stuff. This treatment promotes warmth to relax tired and stiff muscles and improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin as well as reducing dryness and flakiness of the skin. A deep scalp massage is also carried out. To finish, an intensive moisturising cream is applied to leave your skin purified and smooth.

Cornish body polish

30mins / £25

This treatment really helps to revitalise the skin and to remove dead skin cells. Gentle body brushing is followed by warm oils mixed with sea salts. It’s great to have before an evening out as it makes your skin feel so smooth.

The Bump Rub

45mins / £40

The ultimate treatment for pregnant women. A gentle exfoliation with warm oils is placed all over the body. You are then wrapped up in natural volcanic clay; this clay is great for our skin, its helps to reduce dryness, flakiness and helps to improve the elasticity and firmness of your skin. A deep pressure point scalp massage will be given while the clay is at work. To finish off, soothing oil, which helps to reduces stretch marks, is smothered all over your body.

The Bump Wrap

1 ½ hour / £70

As the name suggests, a treatment for pregnant women! Our therapist can tailor-make this treatment to suit your needs. This can include back, arms, front of legs, feet, head and scalp. Leaves your body and mind with a much needed sense of wellbeing.

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