Fishing in Cornwall

Buy a fishing rod and try mackerel fishing of the Island

You can't beat catching and cooking your own supper! Ok, so you're on holiday and you're not cooking your own supper at the moment, but you can easily while away a few hours of an afternoon, perched on your private rock, waiting for that bite, waiting for that minute when you know that if you WERE on an island, if you WERE shipwrecked, you wouldn't starve because you can officially catch your own dinner! You can buy a starter kit at Symons hardwear shop, 10 minutes from the hotel for under £50.00 and another 5/10 minute walk will take you to rocky outcrops where you can pick your vantage point! Of course if you don't catch anything we can always book you a table somewhere where their guaranteed to have caught something tasty earlier today!

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