For all its beauty, its rich culture and heritage, Cornwall has problems too.

There are parts of West Cornwall that suffer from poverty, crime and low unemployment, and the biggest victims of these problems are the children who live there.

That's why we ask you to help us support Trelya. We are proud Corporate Sponsors of Trelya. We operate a Visitor Gifting Scheme where we add an optional donation of £1 per room per night. 100% of all donations go directly to Trelya to make children's lives better.

Trelya is a youthwork charity that gives young people who may have difficult home lives, low aspirations and few choices, a chance.

Through Trelya, children can become more confident, gain knowledge and learn new skills so that they can make healthy choices about food, about their behaviour, about drugs and alcohol - choices about their futures.

Trelya is based in Penzance and works in communities around West Cornwall supporting young people in crisis and helping them learn to help themselves.

Since 2001 Trelya has run activities ranging from teaching kids to swim to riding a bike, from helping them learn to cook to helping them make their own films, always with a view to building confidence and letting them know they can influence their own futures.

Very often Trelya is the only place young people will come to, and Trelya's youth workers are the only people they feel they can trust.

Trelya is the Cornish word for 'change' and this groundbreaking charity is making a difference with help from our guests donations.

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