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When you first set foot in Primrose Valley Hotel you'll find a welcoming, open and comfortable lounge area, with lots of books and glossy magazines, and not someone propped against a reception desk in their polyester suit.

You can wander through and take a look at our bar while we brew you up some fresh leaf tea or freshly ground coffee to welcome you. We're a small, very well run ten-bedroomed hotel: more than a contemporary Bed & Breakfast but certainly not a large corporate hotel, either.

We realise the real luxury though, is the time that you now have away from the day-to-day grind; our job is to make sure that everything about your stay is just as you want it. To us, the real acid test is this: when you've left, would you want to come back or recommend us to others? Everything we do is geared to hearing you say Yes.

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Primrose Valley Hotel
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+44 (0) 1736 794939

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